By Ariana Bacle
August 27, 2014 at 02:08 PM EDT
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Ellen DeGeneres never appeared on Chelsea Lately during the show’s seven-year run, so she took the series finale as an opportunity to ask host Chelsea Handler why—while Handler was showering.

“Is it because I’m a lesbian?” DeGeneres asks a completely naked Handler, who then acts like she had no idea DeGeneres is gay. “I thought you were married to Ryan Seacrest,” Handler replies before claiming she herself is a lesbian. “I live with a lesbian, actually, a confirmed lesbian. We have two dogs.” The argument continues until Handler insists she’s totally cool with being in a shower with a lesbian and goes on to jump around and awkwardly stick out her boobs to an unamused DeGeneres.

DeGeneres wasn’t the only star to show up on the finale. Dozens of celebrities showed up to help Handler sing a farewell song set to the tune of “We Are the World.”

Gwen Stefani opened the number, pronouncing Handler’s name as “Chelsea Hammer” in reference to the flub she made when she mispronounced “Colbert” at Monday’s Emmys. Avril Lavigne, Tim Gunn, and Gerard Butler were among the song’s other soloists as Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, and more stuck to the chorus, which included the lyric, “so roll yourself a joint and have a drink.”

“Goodbye E!, it’s time to move on,” they sang. “She wants to sing, she wants to dance, and get her groove on.”

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Handler is heading to Netflix for a talk show set to premiere in 2016.

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