By Chris Harrison
Updated August 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Monday night we left you hanging as AshLee picked up the rose ready to offer it to Graham who then dashed away. We opened Tuesday night showing Graham in the throes of a full-blown anxiety attack; probably not the best physical reaction to have when embarking on a new relationship. I think one of the most telling things about this scene was who jumped to Graham’s side to take care of him in the midst of panic. Michelle Money didn’t have to go over to check on him, she just did it. She was deeply concerned about someone she cared for, and it was her natural reaction. Noticeably missing from Graham’s side was AshLee, who stood like a statue in rose-hand-out-mode. This lasted about five to 10 minutes while we all waited, and AshLee never really went to check on him. She just stood there while Michelle’s actions, and instinctual reaction, spoke volumes. The girls in the house are clearly starting to question AshLee and her intentions. Many thought Graham was going to turn down the rose and leave, but he ended up shockingly accepting it, securing his place in Paradise for one more week.

Lacy then became ill at the rose ceremony, but did you notice Marcus’ reaction when she ran off to be sick? He ran after her and was right by her side every step of the way. Unfortunately, Lacy was so sick and dehydrated she was taken to the hospital. Marcus rode in the ambulance with her and never left her side.

It was pretty clear that despite his one-on-none date in a magical underground Mexican cenote, Kalon would be headed home, but the big surprise of the night was when Jackie decided to give her rose to Jesse Kovacs, which left our beloved and perfectly dressed Marquel rose-less, and headed out of Paradise.

The next day heads turned as the new arrival of the week, Christy, walked down Tulum’s white sandy beach. As the turquoise waves crashed behind her, the housemates wondered who the blonde bombshell would choose. Christy already knew Zach a little bit and decided to ask him on a date despite being told he was in a relationship with Clare. Zach reluctantly declined the date with Christy, but it seemed more forced rejection, not a grand romantic gesture of loyalty. Clare was pretty happy to hear that he turned Christy down, but that happiness didn’t last long. Christy ended up taking out Jesse Kovacs, something that she will eventually come to greatly regret.

Sarah got a date card and obviously took her guy, Robert. Despite the obscenely romantic Valladolid dinner set for the couple, things were pretty awkward between them. At one point they literally bonked heads leaning over at the same time. At times they seemed to have chemistry and a good thing going, but at other points, it was like watching a couple of nervous teenagers who weren’t quite sure what was going to happen next. Sarah couldn’t have put herself out there more, but Robert just couldn’t pull the trigger and kiss her. Finally, he summoned up the courage and planted one on her. Sarah seems happy, but it still doesn’t feel that genuine and easy between them.

Speaking of pulling the trigger, Lucy was the next new arrival. Boy, did she come in flying high and raising hell. Unbelievably, it actually took a few minutes (like 10?) before Lucy had her top off, but she was quickly bopping around the house and into the ocean topless with Jesse Kovacs, whom she took on his second date of the week. It’s pretty clear something happened between them on their date, but no one knows just how far things went. Either way, right after hooking up with Lucy, Jesse came home and got comfy with Christy and started making out with her. That’s when things start to get fuzzy. At some point that night Jesse ends up in bed with what appears to be Christy and Lucy, and something definitely happened, though we’re not sure what. I’ll let you guys make your own conclusions on this one. I’m not sure about much, but I’m pretty positive Jesse Kovacs is not going to come out of this looking very good. He’s already making Chris Bukowski look like a choirboy. We gotta talk about the newest, hottest couple in Paradise, Cody and Michelle. Cody is the most positive guy in the world, and he is incredibly open and honest with Michelle. He’s quickly falling for her and is making it known. Ironically, this is what Michelle has been begging and looking for, and now that it’s in her lap, she’s freaking out and questioning it. It’s almost like this six-foot muscle machine is too good to be true. It really is tough to believe that Cody is this genuine, but he is. Michelle and Cody looked great taking engagement and wedding pictures on the perfect beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. They actually looked pretty natural and adorable together, and I really appreciated Michelle’s sense of humor with all this. I also really loved that despite all of her apprehension, Cody was still 100 percent on fire and so happy to just be with her.

And then the famous raccoon made a triumphant return. Clare and Zach have had an odd, strained relationship from the beginning. It was only a matter of time before it dissolved, and it finally did. Zach had a pretty simple conversation with Clare, but she didn’t like anything that was being said and just checked out. Actually, she literally checked out, running off into the jungle. I’ll be honest, I spent a month in that jungle and there’s no way in hell I’d run into it alone at night. The jungle in darkness? We can only be thankful the Paradise raccoon was there to keep her safe. Clare totally lost it, and decided that if it wasn’t happening with Zach that she’d pack her bags and leave Mexico in the middle of the night. And so, with a snotty nose, Clare left Paradise, making it that much easier for the girls vying for roses this week. I have to mention my favorite comment from Clare had to be her departing words, when she said, “This is why I wanted to do Dancing With The Stars.”

A few final notes worthy of being stated this week: Lacy and Marcus are obviously a serious couple now. Marcus kind of, sort of, accidentally slipped and said he loved her Monday night, but he made no mistake about it the next week when he told her straight up that his heart was hers and he was in love.

Despite putting it all out there, and I mean ALL, Lucy was sent home at the rose ceremony. Lucy is a smart girl, but she came to Paradise to play a game, and she lost. She really thought she had it all figured out and she had schemed her way to getting a rose. The funny thing is, if Lucy spent half as much time being genuine and truly looking for happiness as she did scheming, she might find a little joy and peace. But in the end she may actually be the lucky one, since Christy got the rose from Jesse Kovacs, and as you saw in the previews for next week, things get ugly between them.

With new arrivals coming down the beach next week, relationships are going to be tested, new connections will be forged, and some people will get what’s coming to them. And while there are many good relationships being built in Paradise, some seem to have weak foundations, and those won’t stand the test that is Bachelor In Paradise. If you think this two-night event was intense, just wait until next Monday’s explosive episode and then the incredible finale episode on Monday, Sept. 8.

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