Lois Lane: Fallout

Although she hasn’t been treated particularly well in cinemas lately, there’s plenty to like about Lois Lane that isn’t related to Superman. A hard-nosed investigative reporter with an army brat upbringing and a tenacious attitude, it’s kind of remarkable that, outside of a few comic books, Lois Lane hasn’t had more time in the spotlight. But next year, that will change: Lois Lane is making the transition from comics to prose next year in Lois Lane: Fallout, a new young adult novel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the novel—which will be written by Gwenda Bond and published by Switch Press in association with DC Entertainment—will imagine Lois as a teenager newly arrived in Metropolis, where trouble is afoot in her new high school and a friend with the screen name “SmallvilleGuy” might be “more than a friend.”

So it’s basically Lois Lane in a Veronica Mars-esque plot, which sounds like all kinds of awesome.

Lois Lane: Fallout
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