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Last week’s episode of USA’s Covert Affairs saw Annie (Piper Perabo) coming to believe that McQuaid (Nic Bishop) orchestrated the Chicago bombing, then having second thoughts when she had the chance to bring him in. “She trusts her gut instinct, and her gut instinct is telling her to trust McQuaid,” co-creator Chris Ord says. “We’ll see where that leads her.”

“If she does go ahead and trust McQuaid,” co-creator Matt Corman adds, “it’s gonna complicate things between she and Auggie even further. Throughout the season, the issue of trust between Annie and Auggie has been showcased, and it’s something the two characters are still working through.”

As the promo for the Aug. 26 midseason finale hints, not everyone will make it to the second half of season five. “Fans of this show have come to expect twists and turns, and this episode delivers. Without getting too specific, yes, a character that the audience has come to know will die,” Corman confirms.

They can also expect Hayley (Amy Jo Johnson) to return to form. “Hayley’s always been on the side of finding out the truth,” Ord says. “Things have complicated because of it as the season’s gone on, but the one thing you can count on is that she’s gonna find out the truth. We have to see where that takes her, and it certainly will collide with what Annie’s doing.”

Spoiler alert: What Annie’s doing, she will be doing in Louboutin heels—for part of the time. “She changes into more sensible shoes at some point,” Corman says. “Not having worn them, I’m surprised by this, but Piper says heels are actually very comfortable for her.”

The creators are aware that fans are impressed/puzzled by Annie’s choice of footwear. “What we like about seeing the shows occasionally is you never know when the action’s gonna find you,” Ord says. “That’s the beauty of this show—espionage can come in from anywhere. It could come in when you’re wearing shoes like that.” Adds Corman, laughing, “And it does, a lot.”

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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