Lost Girl
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Lost Girl

Anna Silk has announced via a teary-eyed video on Twitter that Lost Girl, the Canadian Showcase original series imported to Syfy, will end after the upcoming 16-episode fifth season. Producers learned of the show’s fate early enough in the season to craft a satisfying conclusion for fans. “Honestly, I thought we might get one more, but I knew that this could be the last season,” Silk tells EW. “It’s time, in a way. In terms of the story, I think we could have done another. But I’m happy that we’re saying goodbye in a particularly strong season, and I’m pleased that we’re gonna go out with a bang.”

What excites her most about season five? “There’s just something very clear-headed about my character this year. She’s been through so much on this show. My god,” Silk says of succubus Bo. “It’s almost like she went through so much that she’s just pushed it all to the side. Even though she’s still dealing with a lot of the supernatural things that happen in her world, she’s operating at the height of her intelligence, and I love that.”

After the shocking death of Hale (K.C. Collins) in season four’s 11th hour, and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) sacrificing herself in the season finale, the beginning of season 5 is Bo on a mission to get Kenzi back. “Nothing is gonna stop her,” Silk says. “I like that kind of drive in a character and that kind of energy in an episode—boom, boom, boom.”

Silk’s wish list for season five was simple: “I hope that Bo realizes her full power, what that is. But she grew up thinking she was human, so that’s a part of her, and I want her to keep that,” Silk says. She was also hoping producers relent and grant her the action sequence she’s long requested. “They’re probably never gonna do it, but I would love to do an homage to Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment under all the lasers. I want to do that,” she says. “It would be sexy and cool.”

As for whether there’s any kind of sex scene she requested for the final scene, “I think I’ve had my fill,” she says. “Luckily, I do love scenes mostly with the same two people, and I know them really well—we like each other and trust each other. I think I’m good. But it’s important for my character to have those scenes. That’s the nature of who she is. That’s the other thing I like about season five: They do highlight her true nature, that she’s not really a monogamist and doesn’t fall in love every five minutes, but she can’t be with just one person, necessarily. She’s a sexual creature.”

Fans will be waiting to see who Bo ends up with: Lauren (Zoie Palmer) or Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried). “People are always like Team Dyson or Team Lauren,” Silk says. “It’s like Aidan and Big [on Sex and the City]. I think most people wanted Big, but others wanted Aidan, like myself, because that kind of man is more relatable for me. I think the sci-fi world that Lost Girl lives in lends itself to everyone being happy and no one being happy.”

That passion is something Silk admires about the show’s fan base. “That’s the thing about going to sci-fi conventions. The first time I went to one, I thought, everyone’s an adult, for the most part, but the child part of their imagination never shut down. It never turned off. I think that’s cool. They have this capacity to dream,” she says. “I think the most impactful fan encounter I had was with Zoie. We had a young woman come to us, and she was just shaking and crying and said, ‘It’s because of you guys that I was able to come out, and talk to my parents about it.’ It meant so much to her, and that meant so much to us, because Zoie and I always said from the beginning that we wanted the relationship to be real. It’s not just two chicks making out on TV. That won’t resonate with people. I mean, it will resonate with some people,” she continues, laughing. “But it was never that. I remember that young woman, just the way she spoke and the shaking—it took a lot of courage for her to come and tell us that. I get really nice fan letters that say things like, ‘Thanks for making me feel more brave.’ I think growing up everyone has people that they look up to—whether that’s celebrities or characters on TV that make them feel stronger. I think that’s important.”

Lost Girl
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