JLD Cranston Kiss
Credit: Emmys

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston were big winners at the Emmys—and not just because they both took home awards.

The Veep and Breaking Bad stars were the talk of the night after smooching on live television as Louis-Dreyfus made her way to the stage after winning for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. “It was pretty good,” the actress said backstage of the kiss. “He went for it, man. I appreciate that. He goes for it in everything he does.”

The actors had actually preplanned the bit, which included a nod to Cranston playing Elaine’s love interest on Seinfeld. “I asked my husband if he was OK with that and he said, ‘Sure,’ and Bryan checked with his wife and said, ‘Sure,’ and we said we would go for it.”

Had Louis-Dreyfus not won, we may not have seen them lock lips. “That was very stiff competition,” she said. “But we planned it in a way that hopefully the presenting stuff would work on its own.”

For his part, Cranston thought the bit was a no-brainer. “It’s not a question of why, but more a question of why not?” he said backstage, feigning worry when someone said the kiss had already gone viral. “You’re saying she has a virus I wasn’t aware of?”

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