By Esther Zuckerman
Updated August 25, 2014 at 07:00 PM EDT
Shutter Island
Credit: Andrew Cooper

Martin Scorsese’s psychiatrichospital may be headed to television:

According to Deadline, HBO and Paramount TV are plotting to bring Shutter Island to the small screen in a series that is, for now, being called Ashecliffe after the hospital where the film takes place. The series will reportedly delve into the history of the facility that messed with Leonardo DiCaprio’s mind in the 2010 movie. Dennis Lehane, who wrote the novel upon which the movie was based, is writing the pilot for Scorsese to direct.

Scorsese is no stranger to HBO series. Boardwalk Empire, which he executive produces, is coming to an end this year, and he’s directing and producing an untitled pilot about the world of 1970s rock ‘n’ roll starring Bobby Cannavale.

Shutter Island was famously pushed out of the 2009 Oscar competition for an early February 2010 release, but ended up becoming a box-office success for Paramount.