By Ariana Bacle
December 23, 2016 at 04:59 AM EST

Orlando Bloom, Kristen Stewart, and Rihanna all appeared together during the VMAs last night—but not onstage.

The three stars, along with many others including Lady Gaga and Kristen Dunst, were featured in an anti-smoking commercial that aired during the awards show. The commercial, made by the Truth campaign, calls out stars for smoking cigarettes by showing candid, mostly unflattering photos of the offending celebrities holding cigarettes in their mouths or hands. Text reading “UNPAID TOBACCO SPOKESPERSON” flashes over each photo.

Robin Koval, the CEO of the company that funds the Truth campaign, American Legacy Foundation, says she just wants them to be responsible. “We’re fans, and we’re trying to remind people that you can use all that influence you have for good and to think about,” Koval tells EW.

The commercial is part of the organization’s latest effort, “Finish IT,” to end smoking among young people. According to Truth’s website, the number keeps going down: While 23 percent of the teenage population smoked in 2000, only 9 percent smoke now. And they hope holding celebrities accountable for their smoking will help make that number go down even more.

“This is just another way to help bring awareness to the fact that we all have tremendous influence, we all have tremendous power now through social media, paid media, all sorts of exposure,” Kovel tells EW. “And we also have the opportunity to end this epidemic for good.”

Representatives for Bloom, Dunst, Stewart, Emma Roberts, and Robert Pattinson (all spotlighted in the commercial) have not returned EW‘s request for comment.