True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…

On Sunday, True Blood will meet true death after seven seasons of surprises, sex, surprising sex, and more supernatural beings than most shows could even attempt to incorporate. So to look back at all the craziness that vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, fairies, and more brought to the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, here’s a quiz comparing some of the most outrageous True Blood moments. Can you tell which of the four options is a lie?


A. Sam shifted into a horse to fight a centaur.

B. Sam shifted into a bull to kill a maenad.

C. Sam shifted into a fly to kill a vampire.

D. Sam shifted into a pitbull to stop a dog fight.


A. Sookie slept with someone who was approximately 5,500 years old.

B. Sookie slept with someone who was approximately 1,000 years old.

C. Sookie slept with someone who was approximately 200 years old.

D. Sookie slept with someone younger than she is.


A. Bill turned Lorena’s head all the way around during sex.

B. Bill died and was resurrected as vampire God, Billith.

C. Bill used his powers to resurrect Tara.

D. Bill appeared in Sam’s sex dream.


A. Eric drank a witch’s heart like a juice box.

B. Russell was killed by a ball of fairy light.

C. Eric staked Russell’s lover while having sex with him.

D. Eric’s memory was erased by a coven of witches.


A. Sookie staked Bill.

B. Sookie murdered Debbie.

C. Sookie killed Warlow.

D. Sookie was in a coma.


A. Tara killed Franklin after he kidnapped her and made her his vampire bride.

B. Tara got her head blown off by a shotgun.

C. Tara ate a human heart.

D. Tara renamed herself Toni and became a cage fighter.


A. Jason was raped by a group of werepanthers.

B. Jason had a sex dream about Eric.

C. Jason had a threesome.

D. Jason had sex in a church balcony.


A. Lafayette’s boyfriend, Jesus, turned out to be a brujo who could breathe fire.

B. Lafayette was possessed and killed his own mother.

C. Lafayette was possessed and killed Jesus.

D. Lafayette was possessed and kidnapped baby Mikey.


A. There was a town-wide orgy.

B. There was a fire monster known as an Ifrit.

C. There was a tree made of meat.

D. Tommy skinwalked as Bill.


A. Murder by dildo

B. Murder by jaw removal

C. Murder by spine removal

D. Murder by high heel


A. As a human, Pam ran a brothel.

B. Pam wore a pink jumpsuit from Target when she saved Tara.

C. The coven cursed Pam, which caused her face to rot.

D. Eric turned Pam after she tried to kill herself to get him to do so.


A. Jessica ate all but one of Andy’s fairy daughters … in one sitting.

B. Arlene’s boyfriend killed Sookie’s grandmother.

C. Jessica killed her parents after Bill turned her.

D. Hoyt moved to Alaska and dated a microbiologist.


A. Scott Foley guest-starred and died.

B. Robert Patrick guest-starred and died.

C. Christopher Meloni guest-starred and died.

D. Arliss Howard guest-starred and died.

Never happened: 1) A; 2) D; 3) C; 4) B; 5) C; 6) A; 7) C; 8) B, 9) D; 10) A; 11) B; 12) C; 13) B

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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…
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