Quentin Tarantino’s new gunslinging saga just keeps getting mugged.

First, the script for The Hateful Eight leaked online, prompting the Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained Oscar-winner to file a copyright infringement lawsuit and threaten never to make the movie. He eventually changed his mind, and although not a frame of film has been shot, there’s now a teaser tagged to the front of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Of course, that has also been bootlegged online …

Tarantino has already hosted a public reading of The Hateful Eight script, and the pages for Django Unchained were widely available throughout that movie’s production. Secrecy isn’t a must when enjoying one of his pictures, since so much of it is about the style he employs in translating his words to the screen.

What we’ll get with The Hateful Eight is a snowbound Western, part of a tradition that includes Robert Altman’s 1971 classic McCabe & Mrs. Miller. As the teaser states, a group of strangers will become trapped in a blizzard, and discover they have deeper ties than expected.

The teaser also gives us a countdown of the characters:

1. Major Marquis Warren — “The Bounty Hunter”

2. John Ruth — “The Hangman”

3. Daisy Dermargue — “The Prisoner”

4. Chris Mannix — “The Sheriff”

5. Bob — “The Mexican”

6. Oswaldo Mobray — “The Little Man”

7. Joe Gage — “The Cow Puncher”

8. General Sandy Smithers — “The Confederate”

What else does it tell us? Nothing about official casting, although there are definitely conflicting rumors about that, most of them due to the live-read of the script Tarantino hosted several months ago, which featured Bruce Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kurt Russell among others.

Th teaser promises we can definitely expect to see this in 70mm Super Cinemascope, and of course … there will be blood.

The Hateful Eight
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