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La Bare

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Director Joe Manganiello’s well-received male stripper documentary La Bare is now available On Demand and on iTunes. To celebrate, we asked Manganiello and three of his subjects—Cesar, Channing, and JD—to play a game of Never Have I Ever. Watch the video below and read a full transcript to find out about wardrobe malfunctions, unusual injuries, and big tips (money, people, MONEY).

Never Have I Ever… had a wardrobe malfunction.

JD: We did “Open Arms,” where you’re supposed to wear a towel with underwear on under it, and you act like you’re showing the girl everything where the crowd can’t see it. And, uh, I forgot to wear the underwear under the towel, so…

Channing: I do “Raining Men” at the club. The knee slide part—as soon as I lift my leg, my entire pants just tore apart. All I had was just my underwear on by the end of it. My pants were just gone.

Cesar: I did a move, the top ripped off [of my tear-away pants], and one of the ladies onstage said, “You know what, I’m cool with this,” and grabbed them and just ripped them the rest of the way off me—almost knocking me offstage while she did it.

Joe: When I was shooting Sabotage, I put on about 20 lbs. I kept splitting, like just blowing the crotches out of all of my jeans in the movie. So the whole joke on set was that every time he killed somebody, he got an erection. So I’d shoot somebody and [mimics], pants would rip open.

Never Have I Ever…injured myself while dancing.

JD: I have a broken foot. I was humpin’ the ceiling, which seemed like a really good idea at the time. So when I jumped down, apparently it was too high up to just free fall and [I] snapped my foot in half. It was a good time. I finished the set. I went another 10 minutes. I made $72.

Never Have I Ever…been tipped over $100 by one woman.

[Cesar, Channing, and JD all raise their hands.]


[Cesar, Channing, and JD all raise their hands.]

Joe: I’m in the wrong profession.


[Cesar and JD raise their hands.]

Channing: Yeah, I’m out on that one.


[Cesar and JD raise their hands.]

Joe: $3,000?

JD: $2,500 check.

Joe: $2,500. [Points to Cesar]

Cesar: Six, seven thousand dollar motorcycle.

The video ends, but we need more on that…

Cesar: It was a friend of mine. She’s come to visit me probably going on about a year and a half now. We’ve progressed and become really good friends. And for my birthday this past year, she was like, “What do you want?” I’m really horrible about saying that. She’s like, “Just give me a list.” I was like, “Alright.” So I came up with seven things—including a bike, a gun, some shoes, a full range of stuff. “Well, I’m gonna get you the bike.” I was like, sure. I’ve heard this before. “Yeah, no worries. That’s great. Anything from you will make me happy.” So my birthday came around, she didn’t get me the bike. I was like, “No worries. I really wasn’t expecting it.” And then she showed up on a Sunday, a slow night, came up onstage, and she didn’t have any money, which is unlike her, because she normally makes it rain on me. She’s holding a piece of paper. She’s like, “Here you go. Don’t put it in your underwear, you’re gonna mess it up.” I open it up and look, and it’s the title of the bike. The following Wednesday, she comes up to my stage, makes it rain, and she’s like, “When you’re done onstage. Get dressed.”

Joe: And she gave you money on top of this?

Cesar: Yes. I got dressed, and she’s like, “Hey, come help me with my car real quick.” I walk outside, and sure enough, there it is sitting in front of La Bare.

Joe: I see a commercial for, like, Kawasaki in this. The bow on it…

Cesar: I might have to contact them and be like, “Hey, I got an advertisement planned for ya.”

Any other injuries to report?

Cesar: I have a giant pink scar on my shoulder from doing fire. If I don’t have enough time to hit certain cues, I end up spinning them kinda early and they’re a little oversaturated. I was spinning them, fire goes spittin’ a couple places. I go, “Cool. I’m nowhere near the curtains.” Somehow, I end up doing a move, and I guess I got some fuel on my shoulder. So my shoulder started to burn, and I’m like, “Alright, it will go out in about a second.” And it doesn’t go out, so I turn so the crowd doesn’t see me, but then I’m like, I really can’t stop spinning these things right now. It burned for about eight, 10 seconds, until finally it went out. It looks a little pink, but I think I’m good. I finish my routine and go out to the crowd and start dancing, and they’re like, “What stinks?”

Joe: He’s caught the Mohawk on fire, too.

Cesar: I’ve caught the Mohawk on fire twice.

Channing: My [injuries] have ended in blood. During “Raining Men,” when I went to lift the umbrella, it snapped and sliced through my hand, and I ended up bleeding all down my arm from it. And I’ve fallen off stage so many times and twisted everything at some point, just doing something stupid, and I end up laying on the floor in front of people. … Joe missed all the injuries.

Joe: But we did [film] amateur night, with the cartwheels and [one contestant’s] little cocktail weiner making an appearance.

JD: It’s not really a full weiner, it’s just a wee.

Joe: So we got all the mishaps for sure. … There’s so much great stuff that we could have cut three movies out of the footage that we had.

La Bare

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