By Teresa Jue
Updated August 22, 2014 at 06:56 PM EDT
Josephine Sittenfeld

If anything, we should all blame the Ice Bucket Challenge. On Friday, American Wife and Sisterland author Curtis Sittenfeld took note of a People article about Kelly Clarkson’s participation in the Ice Bucket Challenge which noted that Clarkson “reveals her post-baby body” while taking on the challenge. Below, take a look at Sittenfeld taking People to task over a decidedly gendered take on Clarkson’s so-called “reveal.” (People, like Entertainment Weekly, is owned by Time Inc.)

Sittenfeld then came up with an even better idea:

And Sittenfeld didn’t hold back, showcasing how men seem immune to the sort of headlines that plague the new-mom set.

Sittenfeld is doing a good deed here. No one ever comments on how Bill Clinton looks in his Tiger Woods-like golf polo.