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Zach Rance wanted to be noticed this summer on Big Brother. That much was clear. Whether he was parading around in that goofy pink hat, starting a showmance with Frankie (even though he says he is straight), or calling other contestants a “fruit loop dingus,” Zach liked to be noticed. Maybe he should have played a little more under the radar because his fellow alliance members had finally had enough and evicted him from the Big Brother house last night. Then, with a chance to reenter the game in a jury competition, he fell short, ending his dream of emerging as the winner. We were unable to chat with Zach because he is back sequestered on the jury, but we were able to sneak a few questions to him via email and here’s what that lunatic had to say.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Um, so this is awkward, but is the thing with you and Frankie just a friendship, or could that possibly turn into something more? Because sometimes it looked like something more.

ZACH: Yes, it is just a friendship and nothing more. I am completely 100% heterosexual and looking for a potential girlfriend so if any ladies want to go to Germany with me…

EW: You blamed yourself for your eviction. What was the one thing you did that you regret the most?

ZACH: Nothing specifically that I did which I regret, but I couldn’t keep my frootloop dingus mouth shut!

EW: How did you feel watching Victoria hold up your ripped-to-shreds pink hat in her goodbye video message?

ZACH: Worst moment of my life.

EW: Who do you think is running the show in the house?

ZACH: Frankie, I guess..

EW: What exactly is a fruit loop dingus?

ZACH: Well, it’s spelled frOOtloop dingus and I don’t want to get into it. Just know you do not want to be one.

EW: What was your strategy in the jury competition to get back into the game and how bummed were you when you didn’t win?

ZACH: My strategy was to just get as many discs on the surface as possible and I was crushed that I didn’t win, terrible feeling.

EW: How do you plan to amuse yourself in the jury house over the next few weeks?

ZACH: Bro out with Hayden.

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