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August 22, 2014 at 03:56 PM EDT

Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, obviously we need to start with the Ice Bucket Challenge. How nervous were you about doing that on live television and how did it feel when Will Arnett dumped that water on you?

JULIE CHEN: I was sooooo excited to do this on live television. It’s the only way you can’t back out or run away….you must commit. I was adamant that the bucket had to be equal parts ice and water and to be very full. Unfortunately, most of the ice melted by the time the bucket was poured and that made the water temperature beyond cold. I also asked that the bucket really go straight over my head for full effect. It felt great and fun and funny for about the first 3 seconds and then it was like…am I going to catch pneumonia?!?!?  This is NOT fun anymore…it’s freezing and I am shaking. But well worth it for a great cause.

EW: Moving to the game, were you surprised that Zach and Frankie turned on each other? And how do you even begin to describe that friendship/showmance?

CHEN: Zach was so erratic that no one ever knew what he was going to do. That being said, I WAS surprised he turned on Frankie. But Frankie also turned on him. This is what makes this season so interesting to watch.  These are true gamers who care more about their game than temporary fast friendships.  I think the best way to describe the Zankie showmance is this:  This was a friendship between two incredibly fascinating people. Like attracts like. Both men are so full of life and energy and define the opposite of boring. This is why they loved each other’s company so much.  Together they were like two peas in a pod. Twins separated at birth. The best thing about this showmance is that it showed people at home how two men, one gay, one straight could love each other so much and so quickly. I loved watching them together.

EW: What kind of chance do you think Nicole has going back into this game and what does she have to do to stay in the house?

CHEN: Clearly Nicole goes in with an uphill battle to fight the extremely strong Detonator alliance.  It’s five against her as an individual and Donny as an individual. And oh yeah Victoria too…kind of.  But Nicole is one determined young lady and with her motivation being to pull down Christine, she may be able to pull it off.  I love her independent spirit.  She is a honest person and not afraid to make big moves. She’s smart and thoughtful and that should take her far in the game. So long as Donny is still in the house, she’s got at least a little time on her side.  I think the Detonators will see him as a bigger target.

EW: Finally, you know I am completely obsessed with the Zingbot, Julie. How do you think Kathy Griffin did joining him for some extra zings this year?

CHEN: Kathy Griffin was PERFECT. She makes me laugh! Always. She gave human elements to the Zingbot and increased his ability to get to the houseguests. If there was a showdown between Kathy Griffin and the Zingbot I’m not sure who my money would be on. She’s THAT good. Plus, did you see the look on the houseguests faces when they saw her? They looked like they hit the jackpot in terms of celebrity sightings. Kathy was a perfect addition to the Big Brother game.

Watch Julie’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge below.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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