Nick Zammuto
August 20, 2014 at 05:30 PM EDT


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Maintaining forward momentum in your life means finding ways to resolve problems that don’t always have easy solutions. Sometimes you have to force the issue closed, and sometimes that can require drastic measures. Recently, “collage-pop” artist Nick Zammuto struck upon a particularly novel method of working out your issues: by loading physical objects that represent them into an enormous catapult and flinging them to their doom.

The new video for “IO,” from Anchor (the second album by the former Books member’s eponymous solo project), stars a wooden trebuchet that Zammuto built on his property and a group of friends he invited over with instructions to bring a symbolic object that they would launch from it. You know, for therapy.

The result is satisfyingly cathartic destruction that complements the song’s Devo-ish angular punk in an unexpected way. By the time it’s over you might find yourself Googling instructions to build a trebuchet of your own.

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