August 20, 2014 at 04:36 PM EDT

Action Bronson

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 Action Bronson is apparently a B-movie fan as well as a rapper and professional food lover. The video for “The Symbol” from his 2012 mixtape Rare Chandeliers was a loving tribute to the lowest of low-budget ’70s grindhouse action cinema that featured Bronson rocking a truly memorable wig.

A couple weeks ago he dropped “Easy Rider,” the first single from his upcoming official debut album Mr. Wonderful, which boasts several references to dropping acid and some face-melting psych-rock guitar licks, and the accompanying video fittingly enough casts the rapper as an LSD-loving outlaw biker. The production values are considerably higher than “The Symbol,” but its reliance on the three pillars of sex, drugs, and violence put it firmly in the lineage of the biker-themed exploitation films of the ’60s and ’70s. And with the climactic scene where Bronsolino mimes along to the searing, Eddie Hazel-inspired solo at the end he joins the long line of rappers who’ve unconvincingly pretended to play guitars in their videos.

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