For all the binge watching and cable-cutting going on, our actual television sets are kind of late to the streaming video party. That’s not to say they haven’t tried—it’s just that they’re terrible at it. But maybe they’re about to get better.

According to Variety, Roku, the company behind the eponymous set-top streaming box that competes with Apple TV, is prepping to launch a line of TVs with its streaming software baked in. Available in a range of sizes from 32″ to 55″, the TVs will be manufactured by TCL and Hisense USA, and will launch in late August and early September. Prices for TCL’s models will range from $229 to $649. Hisense has not announced price points for its models, as it plans to let retail partners set price points.

The Roku TVs will be preset to take users to their streaming services first (a setting that can be changed to have them function more like a traditional TV), letting users select from options like Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus. Then, of course, the real challenge begins: deciding what to watch.