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It’s Day 2 of the Ant-Man shoot, and it looks like things are going pretty rough for Paul Rudd’s character already.

In this first image from the film, which began principal photography in — you guessed it — San Francisco yesterday, Marvel Studios is sending a very specific message: from his pseudo-Rocky attire, to the far-off expression of weary concern, and the bandages over his right eyebrow … the hero of Ant-Man is a fighter.

And he looks like he just got his ass kicked.

Rudd’s character, Scott Lang, isn’t the usual do-gooder. He’s a thief, a guy with a past, someone with a code, but those morals can be shrunk down to size without the need of a special suit. So what makes him a hero? “It’s a great question. One that’s been hotly debated for a while,” Rudd tells EW in the video below. “There are levels. There are some pretty bad thieves and there’s some really good thieves, let’s be honest. There’s people who do it for the right reasons.”

In other words, when you steal from someone bad … that can be good.

When Lang hooks up with Dr. Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, the inventor of the shrinking super-suit, it’s because the combative scientist needs someone who can sneak into the company he once founded (and is now exiled from) in order to steal back some of that proprietary technology.

Whether this is a just cause, or selfish one, or somewhere in between, we’ll have to find out later. The movie, directed by Yes Man’s Peyton Reed, comes out July 17, 2015.

Right now, we know the corporate partner who, in Douglas’ words, “f–ked me good” is Corey Stoll, who plays entrepreneur Darren Cross, a.k.a. Yellowjacket. Evangeline Lilly plays Hope Van Dyne, Pym’s estranged daughter. (There was some ugliness between him and the mom, presumably Janet Van Dyne, who was known in the Marvel Comics and Wasp.)

Meanwhile, Ant-Man announced a slew of new cast members as shooting got underway, including Judy Greer, T.I., and Bobby Cannavale. Mad Men‘s John Slattery, who played Tony Stark’s late father in Iron Man 2, is also in the film, so count on some sort of flashback to the 1960s, when Pym is devising his miniaturization technology.

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