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New this year to the EWwys,’s annual reader-voted awards for the Emmy-snubbed, are guest actor and guest actress categories. We’ve already posted audio of Elizabeth Banks phoning EW Radio to accept Best Guest Actress in a Comedy for her return to Modern Family (hear it here), but the other winners—The Good Wife‘s Carrie Preston, Orange is the New Black‘s Pablo Schreiber, and Game of Thrones‘ Pedro Pascal—were equally as entertaining when they dialed.

The closest race in the 2014 EWwys was Best Guest Actress in a Drama: Preston topped Lisa Kudrow (Scandal) by just 37 votes. The best part about Preston’s call? She was dressed as Elsbeth Tascioni, taking a break during a wardrobe fitting to reprise her winning role yet again. She also lightheartedly lamented not being able to keep all the True Blood souvenirs she’d wanted.

Pablo Schreiber, a.k.a. Orange is the New Black‘s Pornstache, was also in costume when he phoned to accept Best Guest Actor in a Comedy—only he’s now shootingHBO’s upcoming dark comedy The Brink. He plays a Navy fighter pilot trying to help the Secretary of State (Tim Robbins) and a Foreign Service officer (Jack Black) prevent World War III during a geopolitical crisis. He assured us this guy’s nicer than Pornstache—so ladies, you don’t have to give the actor such a wide berth when you see him out and about.

If you’re behind on Game of Thrones, stop reading now. Pascal, who was crowned Best Guest Actor in a Drama for playing Prince Oberyn Martell, told us fans have not only been yelling, “I was rooting for you!” at him, they’ve also taken to asking him to pose for selfies in which they’re squishing his eyeballs. He chatted about filming the Red Viper’s memorable exit, what he wishes he could have taken from the set, how much he freaked out when he met Samuel L. Jackson at Comic-Con last month, and preparing to shoot the upcoming Netflix series Narcos with a research trip to Quantico.

Hear all three interviews below.

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