Lady Gaga Ice Bucket

It’s not just your Facebook friends who are dousing themselves in freezing water to raise awareness and funds to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease—celebrities from Chris Pratt to Lady Gaga are taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, too.

Over $15 million has been donated to the ALS Association since the Ice Bucket Challenge began. But not all celebrity editions of the viral fundraising effort are the same: some are solemn, like J.J. Abrams’ show of solidarity, while others are full of energy, like Macklemore’s onstage ice shower. Here are the most notable:


Amy Schumer didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to dump ice on her head—instead, she dumps a can of what looks like chunky clam chowder over herself. Uh, yum?

Best Use of the Ice Bucket Challenge as an Excuse to Get Tipsy

In lieu of pouring actual ice on himself, Chris Pratt consumes icy-themed beverages… and then gets doused in cold water anyway.


Lady Gaga: What?

Most Heartfelt

Star Wars helmer J.J. Abrams takes an ice bath—and promises to donate to the cause as well—in a video where he reveals that his grandfather suffered from ALS. The director dedicates the challenge to him.

Worst Choice of Clothing

First of all, Justin Bieber calls out his “main man Barack Obama” to do the ice bucket challenge… because the president of the United States is obviously Justin Bieber’s main man. Second of all, he wears a white tank-top that quickly becomes see-through. This isn’t spring break, Biebs!

Most Enthusiastic

Grey’s Anatomy nominated the entire cast of Scandal to participate, but Kerry Washington had to go it alone so we wouldn’t know who else was on set with her that day. Never has anyone been so excited to be subjected to an ice waterfall.

Most Dramatic Buildup

Ansel Elgort is shirtless, which probably matters a lot to all the teenage girls who dream of seeing Ansel Elgort shirtless. But what stands out most is that he spends nearly a minute filling his bucket with ice. Such suspense!

Loudest Reaction

Taylor Swift and her crew, including actress Jaime King, sound more like they just saw the Backstreet Boys live for the first time than they were just bathed in freezing cold water.

Best Speech

“I would like to thank Jaime King and Taylor Swift for this challenge,” Lena Dunham starts. “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” Practicing for the Emmys, Lena?


Girls star Jemima Kirke got some younger pals to help her out in an adorable video. Pay attention to the diapered child who simply walks away from the madness instead of participating.

Biggest Show-Off

Of course Macklemore took this opportunity to have Ryan Lewis dump a bucket of ice over his head while onstage in front of thousands of people. Of course.

Best Charity Plug

Some people dump the ice on their heads, scream a little, and that’s the whole video. But Torrance Coombs and Toby Regbo of the CW’s Reign made sure to encourage viewers to donate, even mentioning the website’s link on-camera to really hit home the point. Plus, they submerge their heads in the icy water instead of dumping it—now that’s a challenge.

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