By Mandi Bierly
August 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Comedy Central; Danny Feld/NBC

Parks and Recreation scored a second consecutive win for best comedy series in the 2014 EWwys, EW‘s annual reader-voted awards for the Emmy-snubbed. But more importantly, after finishing as runner-up in the best actor in a comedy race the last two years, the show’s leading man, Adam Scott, finally earned a golden ewe statue of his very own. He phoned in to EW Radio (SiriusXM 105) Monday to accept the honor during our live awards broadcast and did his best not to reveal anything about Parks and Rec‘s final season, which began shooting just last week. “We’ve been sworn to secrecy about everything,” he says. “I will say there are a lot of big differences, a lot of little ones… I would hate to spoil anything. But Cones of Dunshire may come into play in the near future in the three-year time jump.” Hey, that’s something.

Wrapping the NBC comedy after seven seasons is the right move, but also bitter-sweet, Scott says. “It’s the seventh season of a TV show, everyone still loves each other, and the material is still great, so why not go out while it’s all still operating at a high level? I’m glad that the show has not turned a corner where we don’t feel good about what we’re doing. We’re all still really engaged and having a great time, so why not end it there rather than when everyone’s fried and no one cares anymore, [which] just never happened with this show,” he says. “Everyone’s still good friends and everything, so I think we’ll all remain friends, we just won’t be doing a show together anymore—which is kinda sad and kinda nice, as well, knowing that it was still good when we finished.”

As a season 1 guest star on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, Scott was technically part of another 2014 win: Drunk History took our inaugural EWwy for best variety series. Co-creator Derek Waters phoned in and sang us our EWwys theme song for next year before teasing the Aug. 19 “Philadelphia” episode, which features guest stars Stephen Merchant, David Cross, Chris Parnell, John Lithgow, and Winona Ryder (his pick for best lip-syncher)—as well as some ghost hunting in the house of Peggy Shippen (Ryder), who was married to Benedict Arnold.

Scott and Waters’ full interviews are below.