WWE has unveiled a new logo. This is something that happens periodically, but not all that often. Over the past 32 years, the company has only had five logos (two of which are very similar, basically reflecting a name change). Below are the wrestling entertainment company’s four previous logo since 1982 and then the new one:

1982-94: Very fun, very bling. Looks almost ’70s rather than ’80s, like it could be on the side of an awesome van.

1994-97: This rather brief entry had an almost Nintendo or Nickelodeon quality.

1997-2002: A very strong departure from the previous logos, going for something more masculine and edgy; scrawled as if by a young fan into a notebook.

2002-2014: World Wrestling Federation Entertainment became World Wrestling Entertainment — the “F” was dropped and lines are cleaned up slightly.

2014: The new logo! The pen marks are gone, striking a more professional look. WWE describes the new logo as “a more contemporary, bold and powerful image while maintaining the iconic ‘W,’ which has been a part of the company’s long-storied history.” The new logo was unveiled on Twitter today and fans will begin to see it during SummerSlam, this Sunday, August 17, live on WWE Network.