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Updated August 15, 2014 at 10:45 PM EDT

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens

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Uh-oh, Chewie. The Millennium Falcon has sprung a few leaks.

Someone with access to the set of Star Wars: Episode VII has been sending out snapshots of concept art and props, breaking the Force-field of secrecy on that movie — if they turn out to be true. Lucasfilm and parent company Disney did not respond to requests about their veracity.

Here’s a roundup of what’s causing a stir among the spoiler-seekers:

NEW STORMTROOPER HELMETS: In this video promoting the Force For Change charity initiative, director J.J. Abrams showed off what an X-Wing fighter looks like 30-some years after the events of Return of the Jedi. It stands to reason that some of the other hardware has evolved as well. Indie Revolver’s Jay Carlson posted these images of what appears to be a sleek new stormtrooper helmet, but that only raises the question: Why are stormtroopers still hanging around if the Empire has fallen?

HAN SOLO’S RIDE: Although we already know that a full-scale Millennium Falcon was built for the film, Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci posted today that sources tell him Han (who was named a General in Return of the Jedi) and his furry co-pilot will be at the command of a Super Star Destroyer. Again, it seems so odd that the Rebel Alliance would achieve victory over the Galactic Empire, only to appropriate enemy warships and soldier uniforms. But what else are you gonna d0 — turn AT-ATs into cat condominiums? The leak of Star Wars rumors became self-perpetuating, with Faraci saying he decided to reveal what he’d heard because…

COSTUME CONCEPTS: …Indie Revolver’s source also sent the site drawings of Han Solo in two different costumes: snow gear and a Western-style gunslinger duster. On the snow suit, you can see Solo’s military badges, which Faraci interpreted as further evidence that his intel about commanding a Star Destroyer was legit. Slashfilm’s Germain Lussier later pointed out that those insignia were always on his cold-weather uniform, going back to the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Hard to believe Han would hand over the keys of his baby, but a promotion is a promotion.

VILLAIN RUMORS: There will surely be more than one bad guy in Episode VII, and they may not all be guys. But when Abrams released an image of a robotic arm this week, that unleashed a new wave of speculation. Latino Review’s Da7e said the villains will be an order known as The Inquisitors, while Badass Digest’s Faraci one-upped that by saying their leader will be a cyborg in a black cloak with glowing red eyes. That was followed by Indie Revolver’s Carlson posting another purloined pic of just such a figure, clutching the crushed helmet of Darth Vader.

Leaks or fakes? Intelligence or misinformation? With Lucasfilm on lockdown, there’s no telling for sure. But if these reports are accurate, the producers of Episode VII may want to do something about their spy problem.

Would it be inappropriate galactic profiling to start by questioning the Bothans?

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens

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