By Joe McGovern
Updated August 15, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT
Dale Robinette

Jason Reitman’s comedy of sexual angst in the Internet age boasts an ensemble cast including Adam Sandler as an online-porn-addicted suburban dad and Ansel Elgort as a glum teen adrift in World of Warcraft. The movie itself was constructed to match our constantly darting eyes. ”We wanted to treat the film as if it were your computer desktop,” says Reitman, ”so the movie is the background image and any window or icon can move on top of it.” Even more high-tech are the opening and closing scenes, set in outer space (courtesy of the F/X team behind Gravity) and narrated by Emma Thompson. Sound unusual? ”Yeah,” Reitman laughs, ”but it’ll make more sense when you see it.”