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Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was Nicole’s biggest mistake in this game?

JULIE CHEN: Unfortunately, her biggest mistake was trusting Christine too much and realizing she couldn’t, too late. She was also too honest, but it made her beloved by fans. She got TWO rounds of applause upon her eviction by the live audience, which has never happened this season and the other houseguests inside noticed. Take that!

EW: Rachel Reilly told you last night that she was disappointed by the play of the women this season and it should be “sisters before misters.” Are you also surprised and disappointed they haven’t put up more of a fight this summer?

CHEN: I AM surprised the women didn’t put up more of a fight this year. But I think it’s because there were no showmances to solidify it. When there is sexual tension or a relationship in the house then you have a sense of loyalty and bond. But since it was all game all the time (minus the one sided Caleb/Amber showmance) the testosterone stuck together and was too intimidating to the women to take on. Instead, they chose to float by.

EW: Do you think Frankie’s revelation that he is Ariana Grande’s brother helped or hurt him in the house? People said it wouldn’t change their minds about him after he backstabbed them, but did it?

CHEN: I think It helped him for about 5 minutes and now that the dust has settled, people are over it. It will probably end up hurting him because people will think: “he’s rich and doesn’t need the money like I do!”

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