Kanye West 09
Credit: Joe Kohen/WireImage; Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP

Kanye West and his longtime touring DJ Million Dollar Mano have parted ways, according to Mano.

The DJ, who’s been working with West since 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, posted a tweet Wednesday afternoon saying, “gonna have a fun day blocking these kanye stans that are happy i don’t dj 4 him anymore.” West has not yet released a statement.

Though the reason for the pair’s split hasn’t been revealed, a supercut of Mano messing up in concert was posted on Kanye to The, a forum about the Yeezus rapper, causing speculation that West let the DJ go because of his many live flubs.

In the video, Mano fails to come in during his part, causing West to awkwardly repeat one lyric over and over. At another point, he transitions into a completely different backing track mid-rap.

West is currently nearing the end of his Yeezus tour, which concludes Sept. 15 in Australia.