Michael Cera
Credit: Scott Melcer/WireImage

Michael Cera, an actor many know as Scott Pilgrim or George Michael Bluth or that nerdy guy who impregnated Juno, makes music. He makes music that his buddy Jonah Hill calls “great” and that we can all listen to now thanks to an album he posted on Bandcamp.

Cera’s album true that includes songs titled “Sexy Danger” and “uhohtrouble”—two phrases you inevitably say to yourself whenever you think “Michael Cera.” The tracks are soft, folk-tinged, sound like they were recorded in Cera’s childhood bedroom, and could be classified as “bedtime music.” In other words, this album is not Sex Bob-Omb.

This isn’t Cera’s first foray into music, though: The actor sang backing vocals and played mandolin on Weezer’s “Hang On” in 2011 and performed “Anyone Else But You” with Ellen Page in 2007’s Juno.

Cera is currently starring in Broadway play This Is Our Youth alongside Tavi Gevinson and Kieran Culkin.