By Joshua Rivera
August 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Gamescom is a Cologne, Germany-based annual video game trade fair that’s open to both the public and industry professionals. Like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, it’s a great place to see new games announced and get closer looks at others on the way. At the halfway point of Gamescom 2014, here are some of the most interesting looking titles from this year’s crop:

Quantum Break

With its visually stunning, time-bending gameplay footage, Quantum Break knows how to catch your attention. Its developers, Remedy, have a great batting average too: the studio created noir shoot-em-up Max Payne and the thriller Alan Wake. Even if the game’s ambitious TV show counterpart  doesn’t pan out, the game itself looks very fun.


Game developer Mike Bithell’s follow-up to the highly recommended Thomas Was AloneVolume is a retelling of the story of Robin Hood. As with its predecessor, Volume looks like this:


Based on everything Ubisoft has shown so far, Far Cry 4 appears to be more of the same stuff we saw in Far Cry 3—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, the game’s Gamescom trailer shows Shangri-La as one of the in-game locations, which is crazy. Far Cry 3 had some great, drug-induced interludes, but if Far Cry 4 is willing to go full shaman superhero on players, we’re in for a good time.


Announced a year ago, Rime is an absolutely gorgeous-looking puzzle-platformer that immediately brings to mind classic and artistically daring games like Ico, Journey, and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. The story of a boy trying to escape a cursed island, Rime creative director Raúl Rubio cites the films of Hayao Miyazaki and the work of artists like Salvador Dalí as being influences.

The Tomorrow Children

The team at Q Games doesn’t like to repeat themselves. Each game in its PixelJunk series (with the exception of Shooter 2) has been entirely different from past works, but The Tomorrow Children drops the PixelJunk moniker entirely, and with good reason. It doesn’t even look like a Q Games title. That’s very exciting.


From Software’s follow-up to Dark Souls is impressive in how bleak and oppressive it looks. For a studio that’s built its name on challenging, intimidating games, that’s an accomplishment.

Xbox indie showcase

There’s a lot to like in the sizzle reel Microsoft showed off during its press conference. From existing games making their way to Xbox One for the first time (Goat Simulator) to weird and wonderful things we’ve not seen before (Cuphead), the montage served as a great reminder of all the solid indie games coming our way.


Probably the show’s biggest surprise, WiLD is the newest game from beloved developer Michael Ancel. The creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil (a game we’re all still hoping gets a sequel) took the stage at Sony’s press conference to show off his next project: A game with a massive world Ancel claims will be the size of Europe, full of people and animals of every stripe—all of which gamers will be able to control.