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Well, this is one way to pump up fans for the Aug. 24 series finale of True Blood: Props, costumes, and most importantly Eric’s Fangtasia throne, will be auctioned off from Aug. 20 through Aug. 25 on New items will be added daily, but as of now, here’s EW‘s top 10 most wanted:

1. Eric’s throne: Does it actually look comfortable? No. Does it look more comfortable than the Iron Throne? Yes.

2. Pam’s yellow sweat suit: You may be all about the kitten, but it also comes with stains from Pam’s dirt nap with Tara.

4. Jason’s Bon Temps Football T-shirt: Because knowing you have it means Jason is somewhere shirtless, which is how he should be remembered.

5. Sookie’s Hotel Carmilla robe: Don’t you just want to sit around and watch TV in it? (Also, it’s the only article of female cast wardrobe likely to fit most fans. And guys, have fun trying to fill Alcide’s leather jacket and jeans.)

6. Pam’s black hat with veil: The height of the show’s camp; guaranteed to make you laugh whenever you see it.

7. Russell’s soft fangs: Not intended for wear, but intended to sit on your desk so everyone can see Denis O’Hare’s name on them.

8. Fangtasia ‘No Biting on Premises’ sign: More practical than Eric’s throne.

9. Eric’s office mahogany and silver desk lamp: (I actually do need a desk lamp.)

10. “True Death” puddle of bloody remains: It’d be a hit at every Halloween party for the rest of your life.

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