Is there anything Pentatonix can’t sing? Probably not—even though it’s fun to imagine some obscure East German hymnal that’s impossible to cover with just five human voices.

Either way, in the here and now, there’s nothing Pentatonix can’t tackle—including the pop-rap hybrid “Problem,” one of two tracks featuring Iggy Azalea that lay legitimate claim to the title of Song of the Summer. Pentatonix’s cover is noticeably more low-key than the original, perhaps because it’s missing the blaring saxophones that pop throughout Ariana Grande’s vocals. Watch below:

Lead vocalists Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, and Mitch Grassi, vocal bassist Avi Kaplan, and beatboxer Kevin Olusola will release a third EP—PTX Vol. 3—on September 23, and a second holiday album, That’s Christmas To Me, on October 21. The group is also set to make their feature film debut in next year’s Pitch Perfect 2.

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