And so Warner Bros’ incipient superhero universe continues its aggressive expansion. The Hollywood Reporter claims the studio is currently developing an Aquaman movie—a movie that will likely star Jason “Khal Drogo” Momoa and which is something we should all theoretically be looking forward to, because Aquaman is a cool character, and everyone who thinks Aquaman is a lame character is themselves lame and should be punished by getting forcefully Clockwork Orange‘d through a full-series Entourage marathon.

In a curious move, though, Warner Bros. appears to be developing two different Aquaman movies. THR claims that Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad have both been hired to write their own Aquaman scripts. Beall wrote The Gangster Squad and episodes of Castle and also worked on a version of the Justice League movie before the Justice League movie became a sequel to the Batman reboot that’s also a Superman sequel. Johnstad, conversely, is a Zack Snyder guy, having collaborated with the Man of Steel director on both 300 movies. Lacking any further information, we can only assume this means that Beall’s script will feature lots of snappy dialogue and Johnstad’s script will feature lots of scenes where Aquaman punches a shark in slow motion.

It’s not clear where Aquaman fits into Warner Bros’ movie plans. Of the nine announced-but-untitled DC movies, it’s generally accepted that the studio’s already planning a Justice League movie and stand-alones for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

There’s also (maybe) Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s The Sandman and (maybe) The Rock’s Shazam, not to mention (hopefully) Idris Elba’s Green Lantern and (almost certainly not, but can’t we maybe hope for) Joaquin Phoenix’s Metamorpho. The flurry of rumors around the Aquaman film could imply that Warner is thinking of fast-tracking the undersea adventure, which means we could be just a few years away from moviegoers of the world thrilling to the adventures of Aquaman and his lady love Mera, as they struggle to save Atlantis from the nefarious machinations of Black Manta, Ocean Master, the Fisherman, and stop laughing Aquaman is awesome!

Aquaman (2018 Movie)
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