Ponda Boba, IG-88, Willrow Hood, Lobot … Now you can add D.C. Barns to the list of Star Wars background figures.

The Denver resident is the winner of the “Force For Change” contest, which raffled a walk-on role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII to a fan who donated to the cause. Director J.J. Abrams tweeted the message above, thanking those who contributed, and apparently revealing yet another glimpse into what awaits moviegoers on Dec. 18, 2015. (BadassDigest reported some plot details last month that suggested a severed hand falling from space.)

Below is the video a video of Barns, a lifelong fan of the franchise, getting the news that he’s now a part of it. It literally knocks him back in his chair (and after Harrison Ford’s broken leg, this production doesn’t need any more cast injuries.)

The “Force For Change” initiative to raise money for the United Nation Children’s Fund ended up collecting $4.26 million after Abrams released a pair of videos teasing elements of the ultra-secretive new film. At the conclusion of the fundraiser, Lucasfilm parent The Walt Disney Co. offered up an extra $1 million.

The money will go toward creating technological fixes for families in remote or troubled parts of our own world, supplying services such as communications systems for people in weather disaster zones, and digital education kits. There are currently 14 Innovation Labs around the globe that are run by the United Nations group, and this money will be used to create at least seven more.

The contest had various high-level prizes — $100 earned donors an R2-D2 t-shirt, and $500 got them a peek at some Episode VII concept art, after the movie opens, of course. Those who donated $50,000 had a shot at scheduling early screenings for themselves.

With a donation of at least $10, contributors were entered into the raffle for the walk-on part. Barns and a guest will be flown to London to visit the set of the movie at Pinewood Studios, where he’ll be fitted with a costume and given a role in the background of the new film.

Lucasfilm didn’t reveal anything else about Barns — age, profession, history. All we know is he appears to be a soft-spoken fellow, fond of dark conference rooms, who has impeccable balance.

But really, what did we ever know about any Star Wars figure? Then Walrus Man became Ponda Boba, IG-88 became an existential assassin, Lando Calrissian’s main man Lobot showed us that even in Cloud City there’s a downstairs, and Willrow Hood became the galaxy’s badass ice cream man computer core rescuer.

Expanded Universe aficionados … we need a backstory for this Deecee Pbarnes.

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