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Radiohead is the most influential artist in music today—at least according to readers who took NME’s recent poll.

The music publication narrowed a list down to 100 musicians who have had an impact on the way music is today, a list that puts R&B superstar Prince next to indie rockers Neutral Milk Hotel. Though NME’s most influential artists include huge names, like the aforementioned Prince and grunge rockers Nirvana, some notable bands are absent from the list: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan didn’t make the cut.

“These are acts whose influence is written in stone, the very bedrock of the form, but who aren’t necessarily directly informing the music being made today any more than Chaucer is influencing Buzzfeed,” NME’s Mark Beaumont wrote. “Influence is a fluid concept, so rather than simply tipping our caps to the legends (again), we set out to quantify which are the biggest influences on today’s music scene.”

Since its formation in 1985, the Thom Yorke-led Radiohead has released eight albums, including the Grammy-winning OK Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows. OK Computer and Kid A laid the foundation for 21st-century music; one that cared not for reductive genre boxes but expected boundary-leaping experimentation from artists as standard,” NME wrote.

Radiohead most recently released King of Limbs in 2011. The album’s “Lotus Flower” garnered attention—and spawned many memes—thanks to Yorke’s manic, mesmerizing dancing in the music video. The song was nominated for three awards at that year’s Grammy Awards.

Though Radiohead hasn’t performed together live since they toured King of Limbs in 2012, guitarist Jonny Greenwood confirmed Radiohead will regroup this fall. “We’re going to start up in September,” Greenwood told Mary Anne Hobbes on BBC’s 6Music radio show in July, “playing, rehearsing, and recording, and see how it’s sounding.”

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