Coach Ted Lasso is back, and he still doesn’t understand offsides. In the second commercial for NBC Sports’ coverage of the English Premier League, he tells U.S. and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard that he “has a better understanding of who killed Kennedy” than he does offside (spoiler: it was the mob).

If you’re not familiar with the Jason Sudeikis character, he first appeared a year ago as the American football coach called across the pond to coach English football (not North American football, as he soon learned, which is why he was fired). Now he’s back on U.S. soil and has brought back some mementos: a MINI Bradley Cooper (the car, not a miniature version of the actor), 3 p.m. tea time, a Keep Calm poster and a Tottenham Hotspur coffee mug. Lasso “misses England dearly,” which is why he keeps up with the Premier League by watching matches at a local bar. The only issue? They start so early because of the time difference, but “early drinkin’ means quick drunken” to the Southern accented Sudeikis—which may or may not be a problem, depending on how you look at it.