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Everybody’s on the ground, but the action’s going to be up in the air.

Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation, House of Lies) posted the first production still from The Walk on his website and Instagram this morning. The film follows Philippe Petit, who walked on a wire between the Twin Towers in 1974. His story was made into the Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire in 2008.

The Walk is directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forest Gump) and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Looper) as Petit. Producer Tim Rothman describes the film as “Gravity meets Ocean’s Eleven. You’ve got an underdog team planning what’s actually an endearing crime.” Maybe worth throwing in American Hustle, too, just for the ’70s of it all.

The still features Gordon-Levitt and Schwartz (as Albert, who Petit recruits) among the members of Petit’s team, getting ready to break in for the stunt.

The Walk
2015 movie
  • Movie
  • 123 minutes
  • Robert Zemeckis