Hasidic Judaism prohibits men from listening to women sing, but that’s not stopping Hasidic female rock band Bulletproof Stockings from putting on concerts—they just have to make sure men don’t come.

Bulletproof Stockings are playing a show Thursday night in New York at Arlene’s Grocery, a 150-person venue, but are closing the venue’s doors to men. “We were hesitant, because of their limited experience in the NYC live scene, and the fact that we would have to turn men away from the band room during their set,” Arlene’s Grocery’s general manager Julia Darling told the Wall Street Journal.

The ladies of the band, Dalia Shusterman and Perl Wolfe, proved to Darling they were determined to get a full house by getting signatures from New York women promising to attend a Bulletproof Stockings show if it were to happen. And now it’s happening.

“Turning away half the audience isn’t something that’s ever been done,” Shusterman told the New York Post. “They had to really think about it.”

If you can’t make the show Thursday, whether it’s because you’re not in New York or aren’t female, Oxygen Network is filming the show for Living Different, an upcoming series set to premiere in 2015.