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So the new Terminator movie has an official title. And it’s… interesting. Hey, listen: Book, cover, don’t judge, I get it. Maybe this time next year we’ll all be rocking Genisys T-shirts. Maybe we’ll just start spelling “genesis” as “genisys,” sort of like how you can spell it “judgment” or “judgement.” Inglourious Basterds is great, and that has two misspellings!

Still, let’s pretend for argument’s sake that Terminator: Genisys looks like the title of the fanfic spin-off you wrote back in second grade where Terminator meets Scarface and they both fight Darth Vader to save Princess Toadstool. Let’s pretend, for further argument’s sake, that there’s a better title for Terminator 5. And now let’s pretend there are exactly 101 better titles. They would be:

Terminator: Exodus

Terminator: Exodys

Terminator: Corynthians

Terminator: Revelations

Terminator: The Gospel of John (as in John Connor but also as in the book in the Bible, get it?)

Terminator: Judgment

Terminator: Judgement

Terminator: Salvation, Part 2: Damnation




Just Terminator, like Rambo

Just Terminators, like Aliens


Live Free or Die Terminated


Terminator: Terminated

Terminator: Rise of the Humans

RoboCop vs. Terminator

Zack Snyder’s RoboCop vs. Terminator: Dawn of Justice

Terminator: Skynet Rising

Terminator: Skynet Rising, Part One: The Fall of Skynet

Terminator: Are You Professional?

Terminator: Back to the Future Past

Terminator: WWJD? (because the “J” stands for “John” but also for “Jesus” because WHOA WAIT JOHN CONNOR’S INITIALS ARE “JC” MIND BLOWN!)

Terminator: The Time War


Terminator Xtreme

Terminatorz Xtreme

Terminator II: Championship Edition

Terminator 4-3+2=1

The Last of the Terminators

Terminator vs. Dragon Lady

Dawn of the Planet of the Terminators

Terminator 5: In Space

Terminator: Back 2 the Hood

Terminator: The Streets

Terminator: All In

How about just calling it Motherf—ing Terminator Motherf—-ing Genesis? Jesus F—ing Christ Hollywood “Genysis” f’real?????

The Chronicles of Sarah Connor: The Lion, the Witch, and the Terminator

Terminators of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Terminator Origins: The Rise of Miles Dyson

Terminator Originz: Good Morning, Dr. Silberman

Terminator LIVE! starring Allison Williams

Terminator 5: Commando 2

Terminator vs. Top Gun

Terminator: Legacy’s Redemption

Terminator: Redemption’s Legacy

Terminator: Jupiter Ascending

Terminator, Actually

Suddenly, Last Terminator

Terminator Begins

Terminator Returns

Terminator Returns: The Beginning

The Amazing Terminator

The Spectacular Terminator

Web of Terminator

Terminator 3000

Terminator Untold

The Terminator Legacy (starring Jeremy Renner as someone who isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Terminator World

Zero Dark Terminator

Zero Terminator Thirty

Terminator Dark Thirty

Seven Terminators (inspired by Seven Samurai)

Two Girls, One Terminator (inspired by The Hidden Fortress)

Terminator: Rise of the Judgment

Terminator: The Timeline Definitely Won’t Make Sense Ever Again

Terminator Rebooted

Terminator Rebootyd

Trmntr Gnss


Terminatrix: Girlfight (co-starring Michelle Rodriguez)

Terminatrix Reborn

Terminator: Dark Moon Rising

Terminator: Dark Moon Bloodgood

Terminator: Return of the T-1000

Terminator: Genesis Was Better Before Peter Gabriel Left

Terminator: I Disagree, The Phil Collins Years Represent Some Of The Finest Music Of The ’70s

Terminator: Hey, Guys—I Think Ray Wilson Is Really Underrated

Terminator: Shut Up, Larry—Nobody Cares What You Think

Step Up: Terminator

The Terminator Strikes Back

Revenge of the Terminator

Governor Terminator

The Ides of Terminator

_____________ (colloquially known as “Untitled: Terminator’s Ballad”)

Terminator: Liquid Metal

Terminator: Liquid Dreams

Terminator: Lyquid Dreamz

El Terminator

Une femme est un Terminator

La Dolce Terminator

Oh Terminator, Where Art Thou?

Terminator Brockovich

Terminator: H20

Terminator 3-D

Once Upon a Terminator

Terminator vs. Santa Claus

Behaving Badly

Literally anything at all

Terminator Genisys

2015 movie
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  • PG-13
  • 119 minutes
  • Alan Taylor