Theory Of Everything
Credit: Liam Daniel

Stephen Hawking has a beautiful mind, and in the first trailer for The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne stars as the superstar scientist before, during, and after he’s stricken with his debilitating illness. Like Ron Howard’s Oscar-winning movie about mathematician John Nash, director James Marsh (Man on Wire) focuses on the love story that keeps Hawking going.

Felicity Jones, who plays Hawking’s first wife, Jane, told EW in March that making the movie “was an absolute labor of love. … We play both of them from their teens, in Jane’s case, through to 45. So it’s all the different stages and emotional upheavals of that relationship for that period. It’s about how they coped with that and both their own ambitions. They’re both extraordinary people and it’s a really phenomenal story.”

The film will have its world premiere on Sept. 7 at the Toronto Film Festival and open in American theaters on Nov. 7.

The Theory of Everything
  • Movie
  • 123 minutes