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Updated August 06, 2014 at 09:29 PM EDT
Josh Adams
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On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, the typical Power of Veto competition will take a decidedly more colorful turn, and we’ve got a preview of the superhuman-sized competition to prove it.

In tonight’s PoV game “BB Comics,” every houseguest will zip-line past a window revealing 16 comic book covers based on the houseguests, which they’ll have to memorize in typical BB fashion. The photos—which you can see in their full glory exclusively on EW—were designed specifically for Big Brother by professional comic artists Tom Nguyen, Josh Adams, Joe Martino, Michael Borkowski, and Andy Smith from DC, Marvel, and Red Anvil Comics.

Check out the covers below, and let Donny “The Beard” Thompson and Nicole “Oktober Fist” Franzel haunt your dreams for the rest of summer.


After stepping into a puddle of radioactive shampoo-conditioner, Femme Fatale discovers she has porcelain skin and the extraordinary ability to play a super honest and loyal game.


As punishment for losing a high-stakes soccer game against the terrifying Fifa, God of Sport, mild-mannered Brittany gives up her human leg and has it replaced it with a bionic one that just won’t quit until it’s evicted.


Bestowed with perfect hair and a heightened sense of obliviousness, Beast Mode Cowboy won’t travel anywhere without his trusty horse Metrosexus.


After starting work as a barista in a coffee shop built on an ancient Indian burial ground, Christine begins to notice that she can float. And that she can hover.


A bite from a rabid Zac Efron superfan turns this sexy part-time underwear model into a super part-time underwear model.


Just, like, an all-around nice superhero.


The worst hero of the bunch. Like, literally zero copies of his first edition were sold. They actually forced the comic store to file bankruptcy and close. The absolute worst superhero.


Adopted as a baby by a family of magical capybara, The Beard’s superhuman kindness is second only to his insane amount of good luck. Also, anyone who reads this comic book will inevitably cry when they’re evicted.


His biggest mission is keeping secret the identity of his famous bird sister (a whooping crane with a high pony).


After being held in captivity in the back room of a Trader Joe’s, The Crustacean emerges with no additional powers, but a newfound appreciation for Hawaiian shirts and board shorts.


The bow tie around her neck is her curse, gifted to the Holy Roller by a vengeful wizard who was angered when summoned by her cry.


This superhero might have been interesting but who even remembers.


Seeking vengeance for the murder of her siblings—simple sausage-makers—the Oktober Fist roams the world in search of unique flavors, craft brews, and chunky glasses.


A theoretical physicist’s freak accident with an MP3 player transformed her into DJ Pow Pow, whose smooth beats can be heard at Monday night happy hours across the country.


“Wait, they still sell The Fashionista? You never see it in stores. I always forget it’s still around.”


Is he hero or villain? The identity of Zach Attack isn’t known but for his signature Gator Chomp, a power he acquired after falling into a vat of jungle juice.

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