By Ariana Bacle
August 05, 2014 at 05:49 PM EDT

Actor-writer-director-Instagrammer James Franco has drawn some criticism (and a few eye rolls) in recent months—both for his penchant for churning out literary adaptations as well as for antics like his recent nude selfie. Franco knows this, and he has a solution to propose: “If it’s true Franco fatigue, then just don’t bother with me.”

The A.V. Club talked to Franco about his directing debut Child of God, and the conversation turned to a recent unfavorable review. “What did we do to deserve James Franco?” the New York Observer’s Rex Reed wrote. “A good actor who sees himself as director, writer, poet, artist, visionary and God only knows what else, he thinks he’s Orson Welles.”

Franco’s been known to talk back to his critics—for example, he recently called a New York Times theater critic a “little bitch.” This time, however, he chose a different message: “If he hates me that much and thinks everything I do is bad, then just ignore me,” Franco said. “I don’t care!”

As for people doubting Franco’s ambitions outside of being an actor, he’s done with caring. “At first my impulse was to run from my acting persona when I did these other things, to not bridge these worlds, in the hopes that I would be seen as a serious writer or serious director,” Franco said. “I realized that to do anything in order to get a hoped-for reaction is just a waste of time … All I can do is choose what I work on and how hard I work on it.”

If you’re not feeling the Franco fatigue, read the full interview over at the The A.V. Club.