Expendables 3
Credit: Phil Bray
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The Expendables 3 doesn’t arrive in theaters until August 15, but some websites have been streaming leaked versions of the film. Lionsgate, The Expendables 3‘s distributor, filed a lawsuit July 31 and was granted a temporary restraining order against the offending sites Monday.

The court order, which Deadline obtained, claims The Expendables 3 “is the subject of valid copyrights and that Lions Gate is the exclusive licensee with the exclusive right to distribute the Film in the United States and throughout North America.”

The judge ordered that the specified sites must stop “hosting, linking to, distributing, reproducing, performing, selling, offering for sale, making available for download, streaming or making any other use of any copy or copies of [The Expendables 3].” The film first leaked online July 23—a full three weeks before its official theatrical release—and has since been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

District Judge Margaret M. Morrow also gave Lionsgate the option to contact all financial institutions associated with the websites to order that they immediately stop the transfer or withdrawal of any funds in accounts with ties to the websites and “cease allowing any diminutions to be made by Defendants.”

The restraining order lasts until Friday afternoon, at which point the defendants can present a case as to why they shouldn’t be issued a preliminary injunction by the court.

The Expendables 3
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