Ever made a Venn diagram for class (or just for fun)? You have John Venn to thank for that.

The English philosopher popularized what is now known as the Venn diagram in 1880 when he wrote a piece for the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science about using diagrams to show propositions. To honor Venn, whose 180th birthday is today, Google dedicated Monday’s Doodle to him in the form of a cute interactive Venn diagram.

The Google Doodle lets you choose two circles—say, one with mammals and one with things that thrive in the cold—and then gives you an object that overlaps between the two circles. Choose “mammal” and “has wings,” and you’ll get a bat; choose “transport” and “in space,” and you’ll get a space shuttle.

Venn died in 1923 at the age of 88.