Ice Dragon

Same author, different dragons.

The Telegraph reports that George R.R. Martin, author of the popular Song of Ice and Firebooks which have been adapted into the Game of Thrones series, has announced plans to republish his children’s book The Ice Dragon. The story was initially published as part of the 1980 anthology, Dragons of Light, edited by Orson Scott Card, and then republished as a stand-alone book in 2007. The new edition, by Tor books, will feature artwork by Spanish artist Luis Royo. It will arrive on shelves October 21 this year.

The book has been out of print in the U.S. for several years, but its mythology will be recognizable to fans of Martin’s other work. The author’s website notes that The Ice Dragon is set in the same world as the Song of Ice and Fire series, and the Telegraph points to an instance in Martin’s A Dance with Dragons where a character remembers a childhood tale about an ice dragon, which could be the same story.

But while The Ice Dragon might tie in to the bloody world of Westeros, the book’s themes more resemble those of a children’s fable than HBO-ready sex-and-gore fare. The story follows Adara, a young girl who befriends a a mysterious ice dragon in the midst of a long winter. When fiery dragons descend on her town years later, it’s up to Adara and the ice dragon to save it.

Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice novels have solve 25 million copies worldwide since their first publication in 1991. Martin is currently working on The Winds of Winter, the sixth novel in his saga—which is why, as he explains in the video below from the EW Hideout at San Diego Comic-Con, he won’t be writing a new episode for the coming season of Game of Thrones.

A Song of Ice and Fire
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