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There’s just something about The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Wipeout that feels connected. Maybe it’s that we’re used to seeing these people wipeout in just about every way, so watching them get punched in the face seems like the next logical step. Or maybe it is just that it’s way too fun to watch some of the most ridiculous personalities in reality television swim through mud.

Whatever it is, watching the BachelorBachelorette episode of Wipeout was a pleasure. Here are the top 10 moments in case you missed it:

10. “My life’s a wipeout, so I’m in.” You’ve got to love Graham Bunn.

9. After Erica Rose (from Prince Lorenzo’s season and both Bachelor Pad seasons 2 and 3) announces that she’s no longer a princess, she starts on the qualifying course, only to declare “I don’t want to do this” about .5 seconds later. After skipping an entire obstacle—she literally swims by it—she decides that she’s “very fragile” and quits. Now where’s her crown?

8. When Arie Luyendyk (from Emily’s season) steps up, Erica Rose lets it be known that she’s interested. He is not. And it is hilarious.

7. (From Jason’s season, Bachelor Pad winner) Natalie Getz’s reaction when asked if she got along with the girls in the Bachelor house: “Yeah I thought I did until I watched it.”

6. Bunn announces he’s making a line of motivational necklaces. When asked what they’ll say, he freezes. All he knows is that his will read, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Original.

5. Presented without context: “I think somebody’s trying to date our scaffolding.”

4. Contestant Larry Burchette (from Desiree’s season) can’t remember his one night in the Bachelorette mansion: “Did I talk to the plant?” Plus, after every obstacle he finishes, he screams, “Redemption” as if swimming through mud makes up for everything.

3. “The sweeper is the Juan Pablo of obstacles—striking and it really gets around.” Well done, John Henson.

2. “It’s nice to be the butt of the most jokes on television.” –Burchette

1. Zack Kalter (from Desiree’s season) finally gets a win!

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