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I still remember the first time a spoiler truly failed me. It was the season 3 finale of The O.C., and I had read that someone was going to die. Everything I found online pointed to Sandy Cohen having a heart attack. The rumors crushed me to read—but after weeks of preparation, I was ready to try and come to terms with it. But as I sat on my couch, two minutes before the finale was scheduled to end, I realized that Sandy was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the show was focused on a car containing Ryan and Marissa. I started to panic. Sure enough, the spoiler had led me astray: Marissa died, and my favorite couple was torn apart. I’ll never let that go.

So why am I telling you this? Because I promise you, roomies, that I will do my very best never to lead you astray. With the return of Spoiler Room, you have my word that you will know what I know—because that’s how being roommates works, right? Just be sure not to, you know, open my mail or anything. Deal?

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And now, by popular demand: The first post-hiatus Spoiler Room is dedicated to demons, angels, and all things Supernatural. I chatted with executive producer Jeremy Carver about Demon Dean, Sam’s journey, that musical(ish) 200th episode, and more. Here are six things you need to know:

Sam isn’t the only one hunting Dean. When season 10 picks up, four to six weeks after Dean’s eyes first went black, Sam won’t be the only one looking for his brother. Cole, a new character who might not be the type of hunter you’re used to, will be joining the story—and according to Carver, his relationship with Dean could change things. “It gets very interesting in that Sam is hunting down his brother, who he eventually will discover is a demon—he doesn’t know that on the onset—and with the hopes of saving him or curing him in some way,” Carver said. “While you’ve [also] got this character of Cole, who is hunting down Dean for entirely different reasons. It’s going to cause all kinds of complications, and the character of Cole is someone who will evolve from how we see him to something very different once he finally does come face-to-face with Dean.”

Sam’s the protector now, and he’s going dark. “I think historically, Sam has been the brother that has gone around the bend a little bit—when he became a demon with the demon blood and everything—so picking up from last season, Sam finds himself in something of the position of protector. That’s a bit of the flip for the boys,” Carver said. “It’s something that Sam takes very seriously coming into this season while also having to deal with some of the things he did, which are morally questionable, while on the hunt for Dean.” When asked if things will get darker than that one time Sam, you know, didn’t have a soul, Carver responded, “I’ll leave that to people to decide. Again, it’s morally dubious given the pursuit that Sam is on, but yes: If one were to pluck it out in isolation without any context, I think one could say yeah, that was pretty dark.”

The Mark of Cain is still present. If you’re wondering whether Dean’s new demonic state will bring up those pesky trials that nearly killed Sam in season 8, there might be more to the picture. Namely, the Mark of Cain is still around and getting in the way of pretty much everything. “They’re going to see new difficulties in trying to cure Dean, because 1) There’s not a demon possessing Dean. This is Dean’s own soul that was twisted, so that’s a bit unique. And 2) It’s not just the demon-ness that’s the problem, it’s the Mark of Cain. So there’s some added dimensions here in terms of levels of difficulty,” Carver said. First and foremost, the boys will be worried about the Mark. “It’s still around, and it’s very much a question for the first run of episodes if it still has an effect on Dean or not. And it’s very much on the boys’ minds as they plot out a game plan for the next batch of episodes after Dean is healed. In other words, the boys are very much focused on healing their relationship and healing one another.”

They’ve discussed bringing Abel on the show. As much as Carver insists that Supernatural would love to have Cain back this season, actor Timothy Omundson is a little busy on an upcoming ABC show called Galavant (which will premiere mid-season and is hilarious, by the way). The writers have, however, discussed the possibility of Abel. “That’s a great idea, and [it] has been bandied about in the writers room,” Carver said, adding, “You know, it’s funny. I teased some characters…that have been spoken of but not seen [on the show], and from what I’ve seen—I don’t check it out too much—[the guesses] have been incorrect.”

Cas and Sam aren’t working together, and there are two reasons why. In my quest for Supernatural scoop, I also hopped on the phone with Misha Collins himself, who about how Cas is “not actively trying to fix himself” when we return. “Cas is resigned to his fate,” he said. “He’s definitely more interested in fixing Dean, and I think there’s a bit of a martyr in Castiel, but there’s also an unwillingness to cut another angel’s throat and steal his grace. He seems to be steadfastly resolute in his determination not do that.” So if Cas is more focused on helping Dean, why isn’t he hunting with Sam? “There’s more than one reason that Castiel and Sam are not together on the search for Dean at the beginning of the season,” Carver said. “One has to do with Castiel not wanting to be a distraction with his own issue, and then there’s another reason which we learn during the episode.”

“Carry On My Wayward Son” WILL be in the 200th episode. So far, all we know about the show’s 200th episode is that it will be “musicalish,” and that it has something to do with a play possibly surrounding Chuck’s books. But when asked if one of the show’s biggest songs will be included in the episode, Carver caved. “Will ‘Carry on My Wayward Son’ be involved? How do I answer this? I can say, sure. There will be ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ in one form or another. There it is. There’s your spoiler.” [Break for quick jam session]

Carver also said that fans will see many of their favorite characters from the show represented in the 200th episode … in one way or another.

Next: Mindy Project, Teen Wolf, and more

Any PLL scoop? —Laura

If you thought Hanna’s drinking was bad, well, let’s just say this next episode isn’t any better. More importantly: You know that Jenna-Ali confrontation you’ve been waiting for? Check out the photo at the top of the page.

I want anything about The Mindy Project, thanks. —@natcfc

Anything? How’s this: Adam Pally told me that Mindy and Danny’s relationship is going to shift the dynamic in the office. How, exactly? “I think anytime in an office dynamic, when two people of authority are dating each other, there can be kind of like a mommy-daddy situation. So I think a little of that will be in play. Also, just like general gossip will be primarily focused on the new couple.” Of course, Peter will be at the center of that gossip. But don’t worry: Pally’s character still supports their relationship. “Yeah, he loves them,” the actor said. “But he also likes talking about them.”

I want to hear how involved Hook will be in the Once Upon a Time storyline this season! —Jordan

How about some Frozen scoop instead? This season, we’ll be traveling back in time to Elsa’s kingdom of Arendelle to find out how, exactly, she became a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin—and how Anna and Kristoff fit into the fold.

I’m really liking @SatisfactionUSA, any word on what to expect this season? —@Gemrick

You and me both! What’s not to like about two hot people sleeping with other hot people while they figure out life and marriage and all that hard stuff, right? Here’s what I can say: If you were hoping for more steamy scenes, I have good news about next week’s episode. But if you were hoping for Grace and Neil to share a steamy scene, I have bad news. Their marriage isn’t revived just yet—so for now, it’s all about the infidelity (and Grace’s new wardrobe).

Any scoop on what’s to come on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season? Thanks in advance!!! —Lauren M

First of all, did you see the news about Kyra Sedgwick, who will join the show as deputy chief Madeline Wuntch—longtime rival of Captain Holt? She’ll be in two episodes. Other than that, I can tell you that there will be a time jump at the start of the season.

I would like any information on Sons of Anarchy, but if you have anything specific regarding Jax and how he is going to handle Tara’s death I would much appreciate it! Thanks!​ —Brittany

If you’ve watched the season seven opening montage that played at Comic-Con, you’ve seen Lyla welcoming the girls to the club’s new porn studio. Its name: Redwoody. Yep, they went there.

Happy Monday!! Do you have any Witches of East End scoop? Thanks so much! Cheers. :) —Chelsea

Happy Friday!! Here’s what I can tell you: Having characters with past lives has its perks (a.k.a. endless story opportunities), and fans can get ready to explore one of Freya’s past lives with the hunk of all hunks, Killian. As for Ingrid, she’s also bonding with someone—the Mandragora. And the bond is only getting stronger.

Got any scoop on Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf? —Amy

Executive producer Jeff Davis gives some information about the next episode that could definitely affect the couple. Let’s just say that the episode is titled “Weaponized,” and it brings in a brand new assassin called The Chemist. According to Davis, the episode “will also include a crucial moment between Stiles and Malia that may threaten to destroy their relationship.”

I’m always looking forward to some scoop on #BATB. Where will the show go from the S2 finale with Vincent & Catherine? —Val

For starters, CW president Mark Pedowitz let it be known that season 3 of Beauty and the Beast will pick up a couple months later, with Cat and Vincent out in public. That’ll change their dynamic in terms of finding cases and working together. Speaking of working together: Vincent will get his medical license back.

What’s a spoiler for @HellOnWheelsAMC which starts Season 4 on August 2 at 9/8PM? —Karen

Naomi will have her baby by the end of the premiere, which will only fuel Cullen’s desire to leave the Mormon Fort. That won’t sit too well with The Swede. And if you’re a big Anson Mount fan, there’s a moment in episode two that will have you talking, tweeting, etc. (No, it’s not sex.)

A special note to all you Vampire Diaries and Castle fans: This might not be your week, but I promise I hear you (and share your enthusiasm)!

(Mandi Bierly and Chancellor Agard contributed to this column.)

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