From Austin to Seoul, these companies want to give you more than a bucket of popcorn to help you enjoy the show


Alamo Drafthouse, Austin
The popular movie house regularly throws interactive events called Rolling Roadshows. The most recent one took the audience on a train ride before a screening of Snowpiercer attended by director Bong Joon-ho.

Secret Cinema, London
The U.K.’s premier interactive film group offers themed screenings with role-play and ambitious design: It once re-created the entire town of Hill Valley, Calif., from Back to the Future. Plans are afoot to expand to the U.S.

360 Screenings, Toronto
Like BBQ Films, 360’s live experiences include re-creations — of Fight Club, the 28 Days Later apocalypse, and a full-blown simulated exorcism for…well, just guess.

4DX, Seoul
Now in 25 countries and counting, this South Korean theater chain uses motion chairs and such environmental effects as fog, lightning, and scent. Smell-O-Vision lives! Taste that salty Titanic breeze!