We know Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord will encounter both Daleks and Cybermen in the forthcoming season of science fiction show Doctor Who, which premieres on BBC America Aug. 23. But what other old monsters from would Capaldi like to see return during his tenure in the TARDIS?

The Scottish actor and diehard Whovian has two beasties on his bucket list: The Axons, which Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor encountered in the 1971 adventure “The Claws of Axos,” and the original ’60s-era Cybermen. “Axons appeared as these kind of god-like creatures, but underneath they were festering bags of flesh,” says Capaldi. “I’d love to see a modern version of that. I’d also like to see—this is really one for geeks—the return of the Mondasian Cybermen. They came from the Planet Mondas and first appeared in [1966’s] ‘The Tenth Planet.’ They were absolutely terrifying, with cloth faces. That was really creepy.”

Unfortunately for Capaldi, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat doesn’t seem keen on either suggestion. “I always thought the Axons had a natural resemblance to a BAFTA,” says Moffat, referring to the British version of the Oscar. And the old-school Cybermen? “We’re not bringing those back, because they look like boys with [sweaters] pulled over their heads.” But Moffat insists this difference of opinion is unlikely to drive a wedge between showrunner and star: “We’re not having a fight about which kind of Cybermen are better!”

Which vintage villains would you like Capaldi’s Doctor to face off against?

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