By Jackson McHenry
July 30, 2014 at 06:25 PM EDT

Sci-fi schlock movies like Sharknado (and, presumably, its sequel) are best enjoyed in the company of friends, Twitter, and a large amount of the hard stuff. And if you think you can survive a freak weather event plus shark attack without some sort of social lubricant, then you’re as wrong as… well, somebody who thinks two Sharknados could never hit one major metropolitan area.

So, in order to cover all your Sharknado 2 drinking needs, here’s a drinking game.

Take a sip…

– Every time someone says the word “Sharknado.”

– Whenever you see a chainsaw.

– Every time you’re reminded that this one takes place in New York.

– Every time somebody says they hate sharks.

– For every C-List celebrity cameo.

Take two sips…

– Whenever it’s clear the movie was actually shot in the winter.

– Every time somebody explains why they hate sharks.

– Whenever the movie’s sense New York geography is wildly inaccurate.

– Every time somebody uses the phrase “jump the shark”

– For every B-List celebrity cameo.

Keep drinking…

– For the duration of any meterological explanation of a Sharknado.

– As long as any member of the cast is inside a shark.

Finish your drink…

– If Tara Reid or Ian Zering’s character dies (or appears to).

– If somebody says, word-for-word “it’s a Sharknado, too, the second one!”

– If somebody actually jumps over a shark.

– For every A-List celebrity cameo.

Down your entire liquor cabinet…

– If Henry Winkler appears and jumps over a shark.