Being a DMX fan has been kind of tough for the past, oh, 13 years or so, what with his arrests, lawsuits, and assorted personal issues overshadowing (often by quite a bit) his musical accomplishments since approximately “Who We Be.” If you have any genuine love for the man, just seeing his name pop up in the news can be distressing, especially if there’s video involved.

Occasionally, though, X will still prove himself capable of bringing pure joy, untainted by gross schadenfreude, into the world. And this video of him riding an amusement park ride that shoots people almost 400 feet into the air at high speed is one of those moments.

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Nearly every second of the video offers another reason why it’s the best thing in the world. Here are the top five highlights:

DMX’s pre-launch self-motivational confession

A lot of us find the idea of being launched 390 feet into the air “at a force of 3-5 G’s” absolutely terrifying, and a lot of us feel pretty much the same way about any amusement park ride more hardcore than the merry-go-round. Few of us are honest enough with ourselves and the people around us to admit it, loudly and repeatedly, for nearly half a minute.

The fact that his pre-launch outburst sounds just like a DMX song.

His yelling at the beginning of the video sounds virtually indistinguishable from an a cappella from an actual DMX song. Put a Swizz Beatz beat behind this thing and take it back to 1999 or so and you could potentially have a real hit on your hands.

The guy who picks up the call-and-response during that part

Just to underline the above point, check out the moment 14 seconds into the video where X goes, “What!” and some guy offscreen goes, “What!” in response. That guy is perfect.

DMX’s expressions of triumph

After the worst of it’s over, X’s fist pump and declaration to his fellow rider (or is that Ryder?) that “We did that” is a potent reminder that as terrifying as some of the situations we encounter in life may be, the fear you experience is nothing compared to the euphoria you feel after you’ve survived it. It also might make you want to ride on scary amusement park rides with DMX even if that kind of ride really isn’t your thing.

The twist ending

You think the video clip’s given you everything it has to offer and then boom, you find out that the guy he’s been yelling his feelings at for the past 90 seconds is a total stranger. And then he offers to smoke the guy down. M. Night Shyamalan who?