Credit: Doane Gregory

Losing your girlfriend to murder is hard enough. Losing your girlfriend to murder, being accused of that murder, and then sprouting devil-like horns out of nowhere? Probably the worst.

This is what happens to Daniel Radcliffe’s character Ig in Horns, a film based on a book of the same name by author Joe Hill about a man who grows horns only to find that they give him great power. Because apparently, people start confessing their every secret to you once you start looking like the devil.

Director Alexandre Aja, the filmmaker behind The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3D, has called Horns “a true fable about first love and revenge and everything we are and sometimes things we don’t want to admit that we are.” But it’s not all serious: At the same event, Hill dubbed the movie a “tragicomic-horridy.” Tragicomic-horridies: the new romantic comedies.

Horns arrives in theaters October 31.

  • Movie
  • 120 minutes